Customer Engagement Fellow

January 8, 2018

Customer Engagement Fellow

Fast-paced start-up tech company seeking a flexible, driven, ambitious individual who wants to create a career in customer engagement, account management, communications, and data analysis.  We provide training, guidance and support, as well as the opportunity to experience the start-up industry from the inside.

Your role would be primarily supporting and engaging customers by:

  • Being the first point of contact for incoming Support & Services requests from clients by phone call, voicemails and emails
  • Creating and sending proposals to prospective clients, collecting account information, and creating accounts
  • Helping onboard clients, including giving demos and creating training materials customized for specific clients
  • Proactively reaching out to customers to help them demonstrate the impact they are having on the world through their community service and volunteerism
  • Actively listening and assessing client needs to clearly articulate client issues to the support team members
  • Identifying critical support needs and ensuring prompt resolution, including warm, immediate transfers to our support team members
  • Working with the sales and marketing teams to brainstorm ways in which we can convert existing customers to using more of our products
  • Other duties as assigned (it’s a start-up, everyone does everything)

Required Qualifications:

  • Really good people skills – all our customers are people
  • Sense of fun and adventure
  • Willingness to talk on the phone to total strangers who will occasionally yell at you (and then thank you profusely and love you forever)
  • Must have completed at least Freshman year of college
  • Technically savvy and curious to learn how things work
  • Have some skill within Excel
  • Self-motivated

Bonus Points if:
•    … you have taught yourself interesting or useful skills and like learning
•    … you like silliness, jokes, and pranks

Compensation: $10/hr

Hours: generally normal work hours, with some night or weekend work
Part-time or full-time applicants, minimum of 20 hrs/week

About MobileServe: MobileServe’s app and web-based technology revolutionizes the volunteer experience and community service experience for organizations and individuals.  Based on research on crowd-behavior and behavioral economics, MobileServe helps organizations unlock the hidden value for culture, brand, and social relationships of the more than 60 million volunteers in the US by making it easy to share stories of social good, manage volunteer initiatives, and demonstrate impact.  MobileServe also has best-in class verification for court-systems, government agencies, and training programs.

If interested, send us your resume and top 3 reasons we should interview you to