Administrative Dashboard

Managing your organization’s volunteer work? The MobileServe Dashboard provides your group data at a glance. Every time you log in, you’ll immediately see real-time stats on:

  • Total hours served
  • Hours served by month
  • Hours logged by category
  • Economic value of your volunteer hours
  • Upcoming events

You can also drill down into individual users or service logs. You have the option to approve or reject logs, with notes and notices to your members when you want them to make a change. You can filter your data by date or approval status, search for users, and export all the data.

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Infographics: Reports & Resumes

What you can do with your data is what makes MobileServe so much more than a tracking app. In addition to exporting the data, you can also build custom, graphic-rich reports. Choose the information and time period, watch the report change in real-time as you turn data points off and on, and then download the file. You can add the image to your marketing materials, post it to your website or social media channels, or include it as an infographic in your fundraising materials and reports.

The Dashboard also provides a downloadable Leaderboard you can use to recognize and encourage your members. You decide how many people you want to include on the Leaderboard and you can choose the time period.

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Smart Volunteer Tracking

Automatically log your volunteer time by checking in and out of service events. MobileServe reminds you to check in when an event is about to start or when you’re near the location, and it pings you to check out when you leave.

Not a scheduled event? You can manually add your time with just a few more taps. MobileServe makes smart suggestions based on your location and past service work, saving you time and eliminating misspellings and other inconsistencies. 

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Advanced Verification Options

Many organizations require their members to verify their service work, and MobileServe has 3 verification options you can use individually, combined, or not at all. Users can attach their location to their service log using geotagging on their devices. They can also have someone at the service organization sign a screen on their phone, using only their finger. The third verification option is through email. Users can enter an email address for the person who can verify their log, and the person can review the hours from any internet-connected device (they don’t have to be MobileServe users). Approving/rejecting requires only two clicks.

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Social Integrations & Sharing

Want to post about it or share photos? MobileServe lets you easily share across your social networks with pre-populated or customized messages. And even though it may not seem that important, sharing your experiences can have an exponential effect. Because when people see other people they know volunteering, the desire to help spreads.

Tweet: 4 hours volunteering at #RiversideISD school supply drive and we crushed it! Thanks to everyone who dropped by. #stuffedbus #dogood

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Friend Invites & Friendly Competition

MobileServe let’s you know if any of your phone contacts or Facebook friends are using the app, and if they’re not, you can send an invite via text or email. Connect with them and check out your leaderboard to see who’s tracked the most volunteer time (and who’s slacking), and issue challenges to get people motivated.

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