Do Good 2021

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July 13th and 14th 

2pm – 5pm EST (Virtual)

Do Good: Creating a Culture of Doing Good

Join us for two days of exploring the benefits of an entire community committed to the common good. Think about ways to engage not only your students in this work, but also your parents, faculty, and alumni.  Hear how schools create a culture of doing good that aligns with their mission and sustains an atmosphere of empathy, compassion, and service to others.  A culture of doing good has immense benefits. Join us to explore those benefits as well as the diverse ways schools are creating opportunities to Do Good.

Day 1

2:00-2:45pm: A Model of Doing Good – Bowdoin College

Join Sarah Seames, Director of the McKeen Center for the Common Good at Bowdoin College, to learn how the culture of “For the Common Good” permeates throughout the entire Bowdoin College community. Sarah will share strategies for community-wide culture buy-in as well as specific examples on ways to engage both students and the surrounding community in this work.

3:00-3:45pm: Culture Audit with Dr. Blake Kohn from the National Network of Schools in Partnership 

Shifting culture is a daunting task.  Using a audit tool developed by the National Network of Schools in Partnership, identify tangible ways you can start shifting the culture of your school toward one of “doing good”.

4:00-4:45pm: A Model for Doing Good – Anchor Schools

A whole-school social impact model — and the supports that go with it — aligning curriculum, operations, and resources with local priorities and needs.  Anchor Schools fulfill their missions and realize a vibrant future for their students and their community.

5:00-6:00pm: Networking Hour How to Design and Nmagine Next Year

Bring a team of students with you to Do Good 2021.  Learn together the myriad of ways in which schools can create a culture of doing good.  At the culmination of the conference, you and your team of students are invited to participate in a structured work session where you will be able to work together to create concrete plans to strengthen and deepen your school’s commitment to community engagement, social impact and “doing good”.

Day 2

2:00-2:45pm: Mercado El Sol and Save Our Selves (SOS) Wellness Center

Through food, wellness and medical care El Sol serves as a partner to its community. See how this school is doing good for it’s broader community through partnerships with local organizations. 

3:00-3:45pm: Simulations and Immersions with Michael Riemer from Dallas Jesuit

Academic, social justice, cultural immersion, and exchange programs take our students all over the globe. These experiences provide the opportunity for our students to take learning outside of the classroom, serve the poor and marginalized, and understand more fully the diverse cultures of the world. Learn more about these global and local immersion experiences.

4:00-4:45pm: Admissions Valuing “Doing Good”

College admission deans explain the value of pre-k to 12th grade schools valuing community engagement and the whole student.  Get insights on what colleges are looking for and the skills they hope you are developing in your students.

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