Do Good 2020 Speakers

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Guybe Slangen

Alignment Presentation

Guybe is the authority in public private partnerships for community benefit. With two decades aligning service learning curricula and community partnerships, Guybe shares front line experiences and the expert roadmap to building successful community partnerships.

Stephen Pultz

Maximizing Service Learning for College Admissions

Steve brings 30 years of college admissions experience to Chair the Do Good 2020 closing panel. He shares key insights critical to your students maximizing their service learning experience in today's collegiate admissions process.

Blake Kohn

Multiple Presentations

Blake brings unprecedented service learning insights as the Executive Director of the National Network of Schools in Partnership. Join Blake's sessions to gain insights from hundreds of programs across the country bringing service learning to the forefront.

Sarah Bennison

Best Practices on Service, Engagement and Social Impact

From her role as Director of Public Service at Trinity School to founding Bennsion 1 for 1 pajama company delivering social good worldwide, Sarah is an expert at bringing social advocacy into every aspect of community engagement. #thoughtleader #communityimpact #purposedrivencurriculum

Laura Day

Multiple Presentations

Laura Day is the Executive Director of the Institute for Social Impact at the Hockaday School. She is a sought after instructor and practitioner.

Andy Goodman

Pre-Conference Workshop

Andy Goodman is internationally recognized in public interest communications having led trainings for Harvard, Princeton, MIT, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and many others. Learn more about Andy's FREE pre-conference session.

Jane Shore, Ed.D.

How, what you track and what you do with it

Jane shares can’t miss insights from two decades of educational research in the U.S. Department of Education, The World Bank, George Washington University, the Educational Testing Center and more. Join Jane for industry leading best practices when tracking your service learning program.

Annie Makela

Working Community Engagement into Middle School Classes

Annie Makela launched the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Hillbrook School in 2017. She is an influential TEDx veteran sharing her classroom experience, passion and playbook to deliver social entrepreneurship opportunities to classrooms everyday across the country.

Katie Frink

Maximizing Service Learning for College Admissions

Katie co-chairs the Do Good 2020 closing panel with first-hand insights on the evolution from standardized testing in college admissions to a focus on well rounded applicants. She shares from her admissions leadership at Rhodes College complimented by a unique history as a Princeton Review Instructor.

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