Marketing Manager

February 1, 2018

What if your job were to tell stories that inspired social good? What if the measure of success in a day was how many people read your work and did something about it? What if you got to be in on the ground floor of building a technology company that blended doing good and doing well?

That could be you.

MobileServe is a fast growing tech company looking for the right people to scale their sales operations. After two years of product and market validation, MobileServe is poised for explosive growth across multiple segments.

As a marketing manager, you will be crafting messages to schools, universities, companies, aging care facilities, courts, and anyone else who wants or might want a technology that automates volunteer engagement and community service.

Must have:
– Marketing experience, preferably in the SaaS or technology space
– Comfort with technology, particularly SEO, social media marketing, and an online CRM (we use Hubspot)
– Curiosity (we are still exploring the limits of what we can do)
– Sense of fun and adventure
– Discipline to execute and detail orientation

Commensurate with experience, but includes benefits

Bonus Points if:
• … you have worked for an early stage company before and understand startups
• … you have a competitive nature and a track record of winning
• … you have taught yourself interesting or useful skills and like learning
• … you like silliness, jokes, and pranks

We’re ready when we find the right person.

About MobileServe

MobileServe’s app and web-based technology revolutionizes the volunteer and community service experience for organizations and individuals. We automate all of the annoying parts of administering volunteer and community service programs, saving organizations time and money, while improving outcomes.
We are a B2B SaaS company with clients ranging from K-12 schools, to universities, to companies, to court systems, aging care facilities, banks, and government agencies.
Our user engagement system is based on research on crowd-behavior and behavioral economics, enabling MobileServe to helps organizations unlock the hidden value for culture, brand, and social relationships of the more than 60 million volunteers in the US.