How some of our nonprofit customers are using MobileServe

Kentucky YMCA Youth Association

Number of Users: 1,645
Total Service Hours (as of Summer 2017): 52,524

The Kentucky YMCA Youth Association provides middle school, high school, and college students with youth & government programs, summer leadership development conferences, an intensive service-learning program, and several local advocacy programs.
The Kentucky Y has been using MobileServe since December 2015 to track student service in areas including Education, Hunger/Food Security, Environment, Clean Water, and many more. School Advisors and Kentucky YMCA Staff can then monitor this service to recognize students for awards, ensure students meet service requirements, and share service accomplishments with international organizations, like Global Youth Service Day and WE Charity, to make additional service opportunities and recognitions available to students. The Kentucky YMCA recently re-vamped their service categories with MobileServe and expect even more concise service reporting and greater opportunity for student involvement through the new Events functionality and various service impact areas.

Access Ventures

Number of Users: 9
Total Service Hours (as of Summer 2017): 713

Access Ventures is an impact-investment group that provides financial and human capital to startup companies and organizations that have significant potential to impact their communities. With a mission focused on social impact, the Access Ventures team is interested in knowing how they’re lending their time and expertise in the community.

Access began using MobileServe in April 2016, and team members imported past service since January 2016 to capture a more holistic view of the year. Using MobileServe’s dashboard, Access can see how individual team members are contributing their time and easily visualize how the organization as a whole is doing in each of their focus areas. They can quickly assess whether they should make changes to how they’re distributing their time and gather data points to use in their own reporting and marketing.